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"Bootcamp is highly energizing and leaves you feeling refreshed for the rest of the day. It is early in the morning and leaves no time for excuses! It is a great class for people with young children who don't have time to workout at night."
-Alyssa Akers

"Had my first ever SPINNING class with Brett at Granite City Group

Fitness in Barre. Amazing instructor, amazing owners, an amazing fitness center, an all around amazing experience!

-Cheryl Rouleau

"I have been going to Granite City Group Fitness since they opened in July. I've nver been one for going to the gym or working out alone, so when I heard about the group classes at Granite City Group Fitness I knew I had to try! From SPINNING, to Brittany's early morning bootcamp the classes work every muscle. I'm seeing results and enjoying the 5:15am classes so I can get my workout done and out of the way! They also hoffer lunch our classes I'm looking ofraward to the winter and would recommend this studio to anyone who is trying to become healthier!" -Hilary Baril

Your classes have helped me shed 45 pounds and I am now at my goal weight! Thank you!

-Karen Estes-GIlman

"I love the new Granite City Group Fitness boot camp.  I learned a few years ago that motivation is so much easier with a group.  It keeps you accountable, offers support and makes it fun.  This place is no exception!  A great group of people working towards the same goal.  The workout goes so fast that you are done before you know it and wondering where the time went!  And being able to do this so early in the morning makes it even better!  By 6 AM my workout is complete and I can start my day off on the right foot!"

-Debby Hickory

"Amazing gym with amazing owners!! If you want a great atmosphere to work out this is the place to go!" -Brandy LePrade

"The SPINNING class was hard, but I feel amazing. I can't wait to come back. Thank you!" -Shellie Bailey

"I so enjoy the positive atmosphere at Granite City Group Fitness. The morning 5:15am class is a perfect time to join a class for a busy mom. SPINNING is a tough, sweat filled workout that challenges you each and every time. Add in the great music, and you've got an awesome way to start your day. I look forward to joining bootcamp too! It's so motivating to have a place to go where everyone is working toward the same goal-getting/staying healthy! Thanks for bringing a great place to town." -Jessica VanOrman

I am a beginner SPINNER and I attended my second class last night. I already can't wait to get back on the bike tomorrow evening! I'm not going to lie, it's a love-hate relationship at this point, but I hope the hate will fall way and it'll all be love soon!

-Raegan Chaloux

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